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Article: Color harmony and jewellery: what are the seasons and how to combine them with your jewellery

Armocromia e Gioielli: Quali Sono Le Stagioni E Come Abbinarle Ai Tuoi Gioielli

Color harmony and jewellery: what are the seasons and how to combine them with your jewellery

Has it always been difficult to find the right tone ? Are you always outside the lines and want to downsize your look ? Don't know what the right match is for you ?

Color Color is a science of color that has exploded in recent years, driving millions of lovers of good taste and fashion crazy. This is a simple test that will only take a few minutes! Its revealing result will repay all your sacrifices and time wasted looking for the perfect match .

We at Metal Chord want to suggest this test to help you in the best choice of each earring , necklace, bracelet or anklet with which you want to compose your jewelry set.

We know how boring it is to spend hours in a shop scrutinizing the smallest detail of a garment in search of the dress that perfectly matches your body shape, your skin color and the color of your eyes and hair. From today you will not have any of these problems, at least for jewels!

A color palette just for you

The Color Chroma test concerns a series of questions relating to your somatic features and their basic characteristics, for example: what color are your eyes? The answers are processed, and the result will reveal which color palette is best for you.

In order to obtain the most reliable results possible, we suggest that you carry out the test and make the consequent assessments with your face free of make-up, keeping in mind the natural color of your hair and possibly reporting the degree of skin color without tanning.

There are 4 main color groups identifiable from the test and they refer to the four seasons of the year : Summer and Winter are cold colours , while Autumn and Spring are warm colours .

The first thing you do is establish your season based on your shades.

Every season has its own jewel


We at Metal Chord have thought of possible matching solutions for the four seasons identified by the test. The rest is simple, depending on the result you get from the test, browse through the combinations we offer and buy the Metal Chord jewel in your color!

Starting from the cold tones of the Winter Armocromia, that is, all those colors that refer to those who have: olive, porcelain or pink skin ; dark brown, black or cold hair ; dark brown, black and gray or light blue eyes; The right tones that can make these features shine are blue , black , purple , cherry red , green or light white and light blue .

From the previous premises we have thought for you of the Candy Azteca Necklace , Rectangle Earring in Zircons , Blue Drop Crystal Necklace and the Purple Crystal Ring .

For those who received the Armocromia Estate as a result, the most suitable tones to make their colors stand out are: pastel tones such as powder pink, lavender , light blue, aqua green but also darker and colder shades , such as red, plum , lavender blue or grey . In this regard, the easiest Metal Chord jewels to match are:

Bracelet with lilac enamelled medals and the sister necklace or the Gold River Pearl Necklace .

Spring Armocromia can be made to shine with warm and bright shades such as orange , camel , terracotta , red , yellow , light blue, apple green and pink. With this palette you can build a large set of Metal Chord jewels including the Inverted Moon Earring, accompanied by the Camel Crystal Necklace. To complete, we offer you the 3-stud rings in nickel-free steel in both apple green and pink.

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