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Article: Summer 2022: All the Jewels That Cannot Be Missed

Estate 2022: Tutti I Gioielli Che Non Possono Mancare

Summer 2022: All the Jewels That Cannot Be Missed

You can never have too many accessories. Every outfit needs an extra touch of light! In this article you will be able to find new accessory ideas that absolutely cannot be missing from your jewelry box.

Summer 2022 which jewels are in fashion? Let's discover together the most loved and sought-after jewels of the moment.

A sea of ​​color

The sultry heat takes away all the energy needed to face the long summer days with determination. With our super colorful accessories you can't help but experience a completely different sprint!

Whether they are flowers or crystal hearts is not important, our goal is to send you positive vibes to always carry with you.

Don't have a favorite color? Are you spoiled for choice? In our catalog you can find a lot of necklaces suitable for every occasion :

For an elegant evening with a simple dress and total back or total white, the Enamelled Herringbone Necklace may be for you. Or, are you going downtown for a walk with your friends and want to accessorize your outfit with a nice but not too demanding necklace? The Candy Flowers Multicolored Beads necklace, or better yet the Multiflowers Enamelled Necklace are the perfect jewels to complete your look . It's the detail that makes the difference!

Often a single light point is not enough! To your rescue there are bracelets and earrings paired with your necklace . You can complete your set of accessories and enrich your jewelry box with: the earring accompanied by its enamelled herringbone bracelet ; for those who are nostalgic for flower power we suggest adorning yourself with the anklet and the multi-flower enamelled bracelet .

If your look is already exuberant and you would like to tone it down, the necklace , bracelet and anklet set with enamelled multi-medallions is ideal. Depending on the harmony of the look you can choose between three shades of colour: lilac, green and red.

Customize your set

On the Metal Chord website you can customize your candy elis anklet to always be at the top.

You can enrich your jewel with colored pendants in the shape of fruit and flowers.

 This jewelry is hypoallergenic and free from nickel, cadmium and lead and features a water-resistant 24K gold plating . Don't think twice, wear it even at the seaside and dive in!

 By purchasing the complete bracelet, necklace and earring set you will receive a 10% discount. The candy fruit necklace can also be customized with colored charms and fruity pendants. It's up to you to choose the perfect fruit salad.

If you have decided to purchase the set, you can complete your stunning look with the candy earrings available in three models: candy cross , candy heart and candy double heart . Otherwise you can have fun personalizing the gold-finished earrings with acrylic letters, hearts and stars and depending on the flashiness of your jewel you have different diameter sizes available for your composition: from 25mm to 35mm with a thickness of 0.8mm.


It doesn't end here! Our catalog is full of ideas that can accessorise your outfit in the best possible way. For those who don't like wearing pendants and necklaces, there are many other ways to personalize their look , for example with patterned or single-color scrunchies, hair clips decorated with stars, beads or with crystals set for the most elegant hairstyles.

And finally sunglasses, the must have for the summer months that you absolutely cannot do without.


Take a look at our site, where you will find lots of models to make your summer cool and fashionable.

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