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Sinfonia di luce: i cristalli firmati Metal Chord

Symphony of light: Metal Chord crystals

Sinfonia di luce: i cristalli firmati Metal Chord

Symphony of light: Metal Chord crystals

Ferragosto represents the period of the year in which the beauty of nature becomes even more intense, the heat of the still intense sun makes us enjoy the summer that we wish would never end, wrap...

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Luminosità senza tempo: gli zirconi scintillanti Metal Chord

Timeless brilliance: the glittering zircons Metal Chord

Imagine raising your hand to the night sky and seeing the stars twinkle with timeless brightness. This is the effect of the zircons that adorn Metal Chord jewels. The enchantment and beauty of the...

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Una promessa scintillante: i gioielli Metal Chord come simboli d'amore

A sparkling promise: Metal Chord jewelery as symbols of love

This mid-summer, let us allow ourselves to capture the essence of our most ardent dreams and our deepest promises, giving the world the enchantment of eternal love. Metal Chord jewelry, with its un...

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Metal Chord: gioielli che raccontano storie estive

Metal Chord: jewels that tell summer stories

The jewels speak for us July has arrived, bringing with it the thrill of the holidays and the warm embrace of summer. It's the perfect time to immerse yourself in the adventures and experiences t...

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Riflessi dell'anima: i gioielli Metal Chord come espressione di individualità!

Reflections of the soul: Metal Chord jewels as an expression of individuality!

Freedom to express your personality Rays of sunlight dance in the summer air, caressing the skin, sparkling like golden reflections on the surface of the sea. Metal Chord jewels are creations th...

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L'arte di indossare i gioielli: consigli di stile Metal Chord!

The art of wearing jewelry: Metal Chord style tips!

The magic of summer: the hottest season of the year is ready to be experienced! Even in the magical summer season we can indulge in the art of wearing jewelery and shine like twinkling stars. In...

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Per l’8 Marzo Regala Uno Splendido Gioiello

For March 8th, give the gift of a splendid jewel

March 8 is an important day to celebrate progress towards equality and inclusion . If you are looking for a special gift for an important person in your life, you could opt for a high-quality je...

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Ear Cuff e Orecchini: qual è la differenza

Ear Cuff and Earrings: what's the difference

Ear accessories are a must-have for every fashion and style enthusiast. Today we at Metal Chord want to explain to you what the differences are between earrings and ear cuffs. We know that you are...

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Gioielli Snake: Scopri il Nuovo Trend per il 2023

Snake Jewelry: Discover the New Trend for 2023

Since the most ancient civilizations, the snake has been seen as an enigmatic animal full of symbolism, capable of instilling fear and at the same time fascinating. From the ancient Greeks to the ...

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San Valentino: 3 Idee Gioiello da Regalare per Celebrare il Vostro Amore

Valentine's Day: 3 Jewel Ideas to Give as a Gift to Celebrate Your Love

Here are three jewelery ideas to celebrate your love on Valentine's Day with a handmade jewelery from Metal Chord.

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