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Article: In Gold or Silver, Metal Chord Jewelry is Suitable for All Looks

In Oro o In Argento, I Gioielli Metal Chord Sono Adatti a Tutti i Look

In Gold or Silver, Metal Chord Jewelry is Suitable for All Looks

Gold or Silver? It seems like a simple question but it's not...

If you are so indecisive that you consider the choice of your Metal Chord accessory complicated and difficult, this article is for you!

Metal Chord costume jewelery accommodates the most varied and disparate color palettes, but it's up to you to choose which one to wear!

We know it can be a difficult choice, but to make it easier for you we thought we'd create this article where we'll show you what the choice of jewel depends on: whether gold or silver, and show you which are the coolest models you can indulge yourself with this summer with your summer outfits.

It's a question of undertone

Skin undertone , as you can literally deduce from the name, is the background color of your skin. The different shades are distinguished based on the temperature, therefore a first summary division occurs between warm and cold undertones.

The overtone is instead the color of the skin as we see it with the naked eye and can be alabaster, porcelain, ivory, yellow, beige and golden, olive and finally pink. Each overtone is accompanied by an undertone.

Let's start with a classification of the most common undertones:

Warm undertone . It is found on ivory, beige, yellow, golden skin, very light which does not allow excessive tanning and occasionally characterized by freckles scattered all over the body. To enhance the tones and colors of those with a warm undertone, it is advisable to wear cold colors, for example jewelery plated in brilliant stainless silver . A suitable piece of jewelry for this undertone can be a double snake chain necklace .

Cold undertone . They can be recognized in overtones such as porcelain, alabaster, yellowish or olive, the undertone is characterized by cold-coloured skin. In this case we recommend the opposite of what was said before, that is, looking for gold jewels and bijoux. An original gold jewelery idea could be the Mini Hoops with feather and green crystal .

Make the right choice

Now that we have prepared you for the search for the perfect jewel, you won't be able to make mistakes!

Our catalog is full of jewels that can be right for you, both in gold and silver.

All Metal Chord bijoux is stainless so you can wear them whenever you want, under a nice hot shower or during a cool dip in the sea.

Our online site has a section completely dedicated to gold or silver plated steel jewellery.

The most popular bijoux of the SS22 season are the groumette , wire and domed alternating chain gold rings . Among the favorites of the men's category are the rings in silver steel with round black resin , or dotted with black crystal in the center .

For those who love wearing jewelery that matches each other, Metal Chord offers wide or narrow mesh gold bracelets in coordination with the chain rings, both for her and for him!

Also available in pairs is the gold and silver knot necklace and bracelet , while for those who can't do without their morning horoscope, the double-sided 316L steel necklace engraved with your zodiac sign.

Visit our website to discover the set of gold or silver jewelry best suited to your color palette!

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