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Article: 4 Ideas to Copy the Look of Your Favorite Series: Sex And The City

4 Idee per Copiare il Look delle Tua Serie Preferita: Sex And The City

4 Ideas to Copy the Look of Your Favorite Series: Sex And The City

With the reboot “And Just Like That” the famous TV series Sex And The City is back in the limelight, and with it also the most iconic looks of the series that marked the entire 90s.

Let's face it, we've all always dreamed of having the tulle skirt that Carrie wears in the series' theme song... or the famous blue Jimmy Choos that Carrie wears in the first film and which we also see again in the last series.

However, we must remember that looks are not only made up of clothes but also of accessories and we at Metal Chord know this very well!

They are fundamental, they complete your outfit by giving it an edge, so as to convey your personality and style.

Copy the “girls” look

Can you tell us in confidence, which is your favorite among the four?

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha?

We won't say our favorite... we'll just tell you that its name begins with S.

In terms of style, all four are iconic; Carrie with her fun and different looks from the usual, Miranda masculine but feminine at the same time, Charlotte classic and fairytale, finally Samantha provocative but never vulgar.

Given their very different styles and personalities, the jewels that represent them are necessarily different from each other.

Starting from Carrie, who remembers her Audrey Hepburn look where, just like the actress in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany's”, she wears numerous strings of pearls. The Hundred model necklace takes up that style making it more contemporary, it can also be combined with the bracelet , so as to resume the 360 ​​degree look. The two jewels are made only from pearls and thin gold and silver threads.

As for Miranda, her look during the various seasons has always remained essential and minimal, the example accessories of this style are the chain pendant earrings and the chain bracelet which are perfect to use for an everyday outfit. With their gold plating they are able to bring light to your outfit without weighing it down.

Charlotte, on the other hand, as already mentioned, represents the classic style of the good girl but in the series they still manage to give her a jaunty and different tone, thus breaking down the stereotype. The accessories that characterize it are certainly the earrings with pearls , an accessory that has remained timeless over the years, which is why we should all have a pair in our jewelry box.

The two models closest to her style are the steel earrings with the suspended pearl , for those who want to wear pearls in a more modern way. If, however, you are a lover of the classic, the model with the single bead is the one for you, three different sizes are available for this model so you can choose which hole to apply them in, whether in the first or second.

Finally we have Samantha with her provocative but refined style, characterized by showy but at the same time not excessive accessories. An example of this are the earrings she wears during the different seasons, gold-colored and with different colored platings such as the dangling enamelled earring or the rounded enamelled earring .

Now it's your turn

Now it's your turn to choose between the protagonists' styles and replicate it with Metal Chord jewels!

If you want more inspiration on our social networks, there is the "Copy the look" section. Every week we show how to replicate the looks of the protagonists of the most famous TV series of recent years.

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