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Article: Bikini or One Piece? For us it is simply BIKINI20. 20% discount plus free flash promo, hurry.

Bikini o Intero? Per noi è semplicemente BIKINI20. Sconto 20% più promo flash omaggio, affrettati.

Bikini or One Piece? For us it is simply BIKINI20. 20% discount plus free flash promo, hurry.

Summer is officially here!

No more jackets or coats, let's leave room for colors and accessories!

But what is the most summery jewel that you just can't do without? The most obvious one that immediately comes to mind is certainly the anklet , but in addition to that we at Metal Chord also think of others such as earrings covered in sparkling zircons or super colorful necklaces .

Can't decide which one you prefer? No problem until June 19th on our website with the code BIKINI20 you are entitled to an EXTRA 20% discount even on items already on sale. Also only until JUNE 5th with any purchase you will receive a FREE GIFT.

Discover in this article the jewelery that certainly cannot be missing from your jewelery box!

Summer 2022 is Passion for colour

In addition to the classic silver and gold jewels perfect for emphasizing your tan, numerous colorful accessories are available on our site made with different materials, such as stones or enamel.

These colorful jewels with larger shapes such as hearts and flowers will certainly not go unnoticed during your long days at the beach and remember, our jewels are water resistant so you can wear them all day without problems!

In short, the choice is vast but the accessories that won us over are certainly those from the Pesce Multicolor line. In this line we wanted to recall the fish bones but not only that, we embellished them with a gold plating, and ... each bone is enamelled in various pastel colors which are the real trend for this summer 2022.

The protagonists of this line are the chocker necklace , the dangling earrings , the bracelet and an accessory which together with the anklet represents the summer accessory par excellence, namely the foot kisser .

Which will embellish your feet together with your favorite pair of sandals!

What other jewels not to miss?

With our BIKINI20 promotion active until June 19th and the FLASH PROMO valid until June 5th, this is certainly the time to discover the quality and uniqueness of our products .

If you are someone who likes to play it safe with a summer evergreen, you definitely have to choose an anklet .

Multiple or single, monochrome or colourful, with or without pendants, anklets embellish an area of ​​the body that is usually the most covered during the winter months.

Precisely for this reason summer is its time! It's up to you to choose the one you prefer!

The simplest and most minimal model is certainly the Snake Anklet , made of steel, gold plated, water resistant, thin and simple. Ideal for those who don't want to overdo it with accessories but at the same time don't want to give them up.

However, if you are a lover of anklets and just one is not enough for you, multiple anklets are the ones for you! The Multistelle and Multicuori models are composed of two thin gold-plated steel wires, both thin but embellished with small zircons and stars in the first case and hearts in the second.

There are so many choices, all you have to do is visit the site and find out which accessory is right for you and your summer!

Hurry, the flash promo expires on June 5th!

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