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Orders and Payments

  • Our jewelry is carefully prepared in our factories, so you will receive the product in perfect condition.
  • If you are having trouble completing your order or navigating our site, please try restarting your browser.
  • Each jewel you order will be placed in a box with the METAL CHORD logo where each product will be individually protected.
  • The payment methods we accept are:
    • Credit card: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and other international credit cards.
    • PayPal, an international payment system through which you can pay. You don't necessarily need to have a PayPal account.
  • If you have problems with your payment, try the following solutions:
    • Use an alternative credit card
    • Use an alternative payment method
    • Restart your browser and try making the payment again
    • Delete cookies or clear the cache memory from your computer.
  • If you have a problem or have a request, contact us and our team will be happy to help you as soon as possible.