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Do you like our products?

Would you like to earn money by recommending them to your acquaintances?

Write to us, the MetalChord team is expanding and looking for you!


At the request of historic customers, MetalChord opens applications to all those interested in earning by sponsoring what they love to wear every day.

We are looking for various figures, preferably female , with strong skills and knowledge of content creator and influencer marketing activities .

The ideal candidate is already someone who wears and recommends our products every day , no age or precise geographical position is required. Instead, excellent knowledge of the Italian language , both written and oral, is required , as well as the use of the PC and the main smart working tools (e-mail, drive, internet browsing, etc.).

Requirements to carry out the job are :

  • Ability to feel at ease in social video recordings and interviews/reports
  • Organizational ability to work in total autonomy based on objectives
  • Taste, tools and ability in taking photos and videos
  • Skills or knowledge for social management on Instagram and Facebook
  • Previous experience is welcome

We offer the ideal candidate :

  • 5% discount on every order generated
  • 3% net profit on all customer purchases forever.

For example, Chiara publishes a story on Instagram and recommends to Maria various sets of products worth €100, encouraging the purchase thanks to a 5% discount. Maria is interested and proceeds with the purchase also thanks to the discount incentive, via LINK or Discount Code generated by Chiara. Maria will receive a discount of €5, while Chiara will receive a profit of €3.

Chiara, being part of our team, will continue to receive a 3% profit on ALL orders generated by Maria , while the latter only gets the discount on the first order.

The conversion time of potential customers therefore does not expire, this means that if Maria purchases after 1 month or purchases several times, Chiara will continue to receive profit despite not continuing to promote the product to Maria. By building a network of her own customers, Chiara becomes in effect a MetalChord distributor with her own monthly income.

Data, payments, codes and account management will take place in our dedicated portal.

Preference is given to applications from those who already carry out micro - influencer marketing activities such as, for example, a personal blog on a website or with a social profile with some followers.

To submit your application, fill out the following form.