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Article: Unique and Refined. Here are the Metal Chord Jewels

Unici e Raffinati. Ecco i Gioielli Metal Chord

Unique and Refined. Here are the Metal Chord Jewels

Metal Chord is a young Italian jewelry brand. The pieces are handmade in Italy by our craftsmen, who use only hypoallergenic and nickel-free steel. Each piece is precious and colorful, so that you are always bold and fashionable.

A young and trendy brand

The Italian brand Metal Chord was born as a truly unique and innovative line of costume jewellery , created to satisfy every style and taste. Each piece is handmade in Italy with completely nickel-free steel.

The collection has grown over the years to include every type of accessory, from earrings and necklaces to pendants and rings.

Besides being a fashion statement, our jewelry is also handmade. Each piece is made with hypoallergenic and long-lasting materials , as they do not lose color and do not leave any annoying marks on the skin.

The value that drives our work is love for oneself and one's style. Metal Chord jewels are created to allow everyone to find something in which they recognize themselves and which acts as a means to express their personality.

Discover our collections

On our site you can find a large catalog of precious and fashionable items , from classic categories, such as rings, earrings and necklaces, to more casual pieces such as scrunchies, sunglasses and various hair clips. To make the choice easier, we have divided our pieces into different collections, each with its own distinctive feature. We have the Rock 'n' Shock line, made up of golden hoop earrings, in different variations, from the classic thin and wide one, to the narrower and more pompous ones, a little bohoo. Bling Bling, on the other hand, is for lovers of street and urban style: here you can choose from many different chains, with wide or narrow links, oval or otherwise. For the more pretentious, there are also necklaces with tags and chains with diamonds, like real American rappers. The Candy collection is what you are looking for if you like pastel tones and feminine Hello Kitty-style shapes. We are talking about thin steel parts, enriched with super colorful charms and beads in the shape of a heart, butterfly, star and even gummy bear. A perfect style for this period, which however can be worn all year round! To stay on the color theme, you might also be interested in our scrunchies , i.e. hair elastics covered in colored and soft fabric, to avoid damaging your hair. The simplest ones are available, in a solid color or with some very soft patterns, and the more eccentric ones, multicolored and with a bow. If you don't want to use them for your hair, you can wear them as an accessory on your wrist .

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