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Article: 3 Style Ideas to Best Match Your New Bracelets

3 Idee di Stile Per Abbinare Al Meglio I Tuoi Nuovi Bracciali

3 Style Ideas to Best Match Your New Bracelets

Bracelets have always been accessories placed in the background compared to other categories of jewelery such as necklaces , rings and earrings . In this article we will explain how a wrist jewel can enhance your entire look.


A single light point is a symbol of strength and elegance. The fact that a single bracelet can stand out compared to many other details is a symptom of a unique beauty.


The 3 style ideas that we are going to propose have been designed as looks that can be worn both on special occasions such as special evenings or events, but also for more casual situations.

An old saying says the clothes don't make the monk! In fact, Metal Chord claims that it is the details that make the difference.

By wearing a particular bracelet you can revolutionize your look, which from extremely simple becomes something unique and enviable.

The 3 style ideas to match your favorite bracelet

 Let's start by choosing the bracelet.

If we like to follow fashion, hypoallergenic steel chain bracelets in Gold or Silver are the items that absolutely cannot be missing from your jewelry box.

 For example, the Silver Zircon Link Link Bracelet is a true jewel treasure. This latest bracelet is covered in white zircons that reflect every light source. With this on, capturing the audience's attention will be like winning a card game on the first hand.

 With this model you can combine light flare jeans with a super colorful top with a sweetheart neckline or a simple wide-banded crop top with very thin straps. On your feet, depending on the temperature, you can choose whether to wear a shiny white open sandal, or a color that matches the pattern of the top; or a leather basketball sneaker.

With this cool but at the same time comfortable look you can also combine bracelets with links without zircons, such as the Barbazzale bracelet with alternating chain .

 A fresher look with colorful floral prints, Indian silk dresses and jumpsuits suitable for the midweek aperitif and for the trip to the vineyard in the nearest hills, requires a more sober but still classy bracelet.

 Teardrop Crystal Bracelets are perfect for these occasions! You can find them in Pink, White, Beije, Salmon, Opaline and Black.

 A line of easy to wear bracelets with fine chains and not too showy pendants such as Bright star , Ventaglio , One Midi Pearlz Oro can be worn with any daytime look: a simple denim Shortz and a white and striped t-shirt, a simple sneaker or slipper with military green or black ties. The game is done. Comfortable, sporty and cool and few thoughts on what to wear to go out without losing the touch of style.

Style directly to your home


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At no additional cost you receive alerts from the BRT shipping company. These notifications will indicate how to customize your delivery, and you will also be able to track your package.

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