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Article: Scrunchie Mania: Patterns and Colors for your Hairstyles

Scrunchie Mania: Fantasie e Colori per le tue Acconciature

Scrunchie Mania: Patterns and Colors for your Hairstyles

The scrunchie is a fabric hair elastic , suitable for any hairstyle or as a nice accessory . Even if it seems to be a new trend, it is an accessory that became popular already in the 80s and 90s, which has regained popularity in recent years. It was invented by the American Rommy Hunt Revson, who was looking for an elastic that was less aggressive on the hair than the metal one used at the time. He named the prototype Scunci, after his favorite stuffed animal: due to assonance and the English verb "to scrunch" (which means to pull), it then took the name scrunchie.

Elastic hair friends and always fashionable

Taking care of ourselves also starts with the care we give to our hair. For this reason, adopting solutions that aim to preserve its health as much as possible is an excellent starting point for having shiny hair .

However, taking care of your hair does not mean having to give up style. Here our fantastic scrunchies come to your rescue: colourful, comfortable, always fashionable and suitable for every occasion.

This type of accessory is not only used as an elastic to keep the hair collected and tidy, very often it is possible to notice them on the wrist, used as colorful bracelets that help to tone down the look making it more cheerful and carefree.

This type of elastic covered in fabric can in fact be made with a thousand different patterns, so when you decide to wear them the only possible limit is your imagination. Those who want to wear a bit of color without being too excessive can opt for a single color scrunchie , but even in this case the shade you decide to wear is limited only by our personal taste.

For those who decide to dare a little more, patterned scrunchies are certainly the best choice, with polka dots, arabesque or floral patterns to adapt perfectly to the personality of the person wearing them.

Match scrunchies and jewels

Whether you wear it on your hair or on your wrist, the scrunchie is always an accessory that, being colourful, must be combined. Here are some suggestions to complete your look!

If you love pink, the fuchsia scrunchie and pink heart bracelet combination is the one for you! Alternatively, you can choose a patterned scrunchie , always in pink shades, and combine it with a more sober bracelet, such as a light silver chain .

For hair, the scrunchie with two ribbons is ideal for a bon ton style. Have fun combining the various colors with many different earrings!

Get a baby doll look by pairing this plain scrunchie in pastel colors and striped fabric with these gummy bear drop earrings.

This green scrunchie with a daisy pattern , however, could go well with this string of freshwater pearls , thin and elegant, whose color reflects the white of the flowers on the elastic.

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